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If you are like most Halloween enthusiasts you have probabaly already started planning for your halloween party and the costume you are going to wear this year. Every year we a see lot of trends come and go. And, the current events and movies have a lot of bearing on what costumes will be popular every year. This year is no exception and we have compiled a list of costumes/themes we think will be the most popular. You may use this list as an inspiration to pick your costume or to help you avoid the most common costumes.

1. Alice in Wonderland movie costumes

Tim Burton's epic 3D fantasy adventure that release past spring was mildly successful at the box office inspite of the spectacular performances by the cast and stunning animation magic. Critics griped about the lack of substance and boring plot. Nonetheless, we believe that the costumes will be a hit. Mad Hatter's elaborate get is sure to be a winner this year. The Red Queen will be popular among the ladies.


2. Avatar Movie Costumes

James Cameron's blockbuster movie with a super natural touch was a hit last year. Avatar is a story of a paraplegic marine names Jake Sully, who replaces his dead brother on a secret mission on the planet of Pandora. He eventually falls in love with Neytiri, a Na'vi princess and strives to save the Na'vi people from humans who are bent on destroying them. So, its going to be a lot of blue this halloween. Jake Sully and Neytiri costumes are expected to be a hit among adults as well as kids.


3. Disgruntled Airline Employee/Steward Costume

Thanks for this one goes to the disgruntled and over worked Jet Blue Flight Attendant who became and instant face book fan after his bold and dramatic exit from the plane. What is even more amazing is that he didn't forget his beer on his way out. Even though it Steven Slater got his 15 mins of fame in the media, was jailed and released on bail, and probably won't be working in the airline industry anytime soon, he gave us this awesome halloween costume idea. Expect to see a lot of airline themed costumes like pilot, female flight attendants and captains.


4. Lady Gaga Costumes

They say she's got the look ( a million of them). Lady gaga is known for her bizzare, glittery and outlandish outfits during her performances. Some question if shes really bizzare or is she a marketing genius. No better way to attract attention than to dress different, right? Well, you can attract all the attention you deserve by following in her foot steps this halloween. I am going to support her and her costumes for her efforts against the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.


5. Pirate Costumes

This is a long time favorite of Halloween enthusiasts. Made popular by Pirates of the Carribean movies starring Jonny Depp these costumes have been popular even before the movie came out. Kids are particulary fond of these costumes. So we'll see lot young pirates this Halloween for sure.


6. Super Mario Costumes

The original Italian stallions; Mario and Luigi have been on the top 10 costumes list for a while. These nintendo characters are known to people of all ages. Kids love them and so do geeky adults who grew up playing nintendo games. For the ladies there is Princess Peach Costume; so now you can go out to the halloween party with your Mario in style.

7. Sesame Street Costumes

Earlier this year the new (for 2010) sesame street costumes were released and were talked about at length in the blogistan. They have been a traditional favorite of kids but we expect them to be quite popular among adults this year. Choose one of the muppet costumes below to transform yourself in to a sesame street character. There are costumes for adults (both male and female) as well as kids.

8. Vampire Costumes

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse movie is going to boost the ever popular Vampire theme even more this Halloween. Ladies, whether you are in love head over heels with your vampire prince or you just want to accompany him to the dark side, you will definitely need the vampiress costumes. You will also need to dress your handsome vampire prince in an elegant gothic vampire costume to go to that dark halloween party.

9. TMNT Sexy COstumes

This year we expect the Sexy versions of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles are going to be another theme thats going to be popular among the hip and the geeky females. These naughty ninja costumes are going to turn you in to a bombshell that no one can stop looking at. If you do go for these sexy TMNT costumes Make sure you also order the accessory to give you the complete look. Costumes for all the hoties in shells are available - Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael.

10. Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Toy Story 3 released earlier this year was every kids favorite movie this year and the costumes are going to be too. There are several costumes to choose from the Toy Story theme but we feel Buzz Lightyear is going to be the favorite one.

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